The Groove Thang Core Performers ....

Carol "Diva G" Garcia - Lead Vocals/Diva

Carol has been singing since the age of 3. She comes from a family of musicians and singers and calls her voice a gift to share. Carol feels it is a wonderful thing to make music and considers herself lucky to have these talents.

Before coming to the Sacramento Area, Carol toured the SF Bay Area circuit in several R&B, Disco, Rock and Country bands since the early 1980s, including Final Warning and Gail Force.


Carol Garcia



"Disco" Johnny Espinoza - Guitar/Vocals/Management

Johnny has been playing guitar for over 20 years. He studied Musicianship and Theory in college before becoming an engineer at the University of California at Berkeley. He has been in several bands in the Bay Area including The Stew and Monkey Love.

Johnny loves managing the Groove Thang and helps to ensure a professional show to keep clients satisfied. Disco always loves playing guitar for the Groove Thang because he likes to lay down that back beat and keep the dance floor poppin'.


L "Love Doctor" G - Vocals

Born in Japan and raised in Los Angeles, LG is known throughout California as "The Man With The Golden Voice". As a top rated vocalist, guitarist and performer, LG has performed all across the US on many stages and has completed tons of studio work.

Singer, guitarist and performer LG delivers it all with a strong background in musicianship, memorable vocal styling, and a creative instinct for putting the urban sound together. LG stands to make an impression on music today and adds top notch frontmanship while performing with the Groove Thang.




Erik "E-Rock" - Drums/Percussion

E-Rock has been playing drums since he was 10 years old pounding on pots and pans, buckets, and what ever he could get his drum sticks on. E-Rock has performed in several groups in the Sacramento Region and joined Groove Thang in 2010. E-Rock adds a high energy rock element to Groove Thang that lends itself to the versatility needed by the band. E-Rock loves to perform with the Groove Thang and provides the foundation to the Groove Thang rockin groove!


Alan "Funk Masta Fly" Cua - Bass/Funk/Vocals

Funk Masta has been performing for many years as a bass player and guitarist. Funk Masta is well versed in many styles of bass playing from funk to rock to jazz and country! Funk Masta definitely prefers to play funky bass and keep a groovin' vibe to all the music. Funk Masta's solid soulful groovin bass solidifies the Groove Thang sound that you will hear at our shows.


Alan Cua

Joe Montalbo

Louis "Jo Jo Mon" Montalbo - Keyboards

Joe brings the Groove Thang over 30 years of experience and wisdom. He has toured with several bands across the US and brings a wealth of entertainment experience. He has performed with the Marzigliano Sisters, Linda Bracamonte, Divid Proud, John Ranger, Jimmy Malone and Creme Del La Creme. Joe enjoys playing with the Groove Thang because of the great music and relaxed atmosphere.


John "VP" Mizutani - Sax/Percussion/Vocals

VP has been performing actively in bands since the seventies. VP has performed on numerous stages providing backline support for The Temptations and The Drifters and opened shows for Steve Miller, Boz Scaggs, and Commander Cody.

He plays tenor, alto, baritone and soprano saxes, along with the flute, clarinet and oboe! VP also loves to provide supporting percussion and vocals to Groove Thang utilizing his precise rhythmic skills and vocal abilities. VPs rippin sax playing, rhythmic percussion and backing vocals combined with his extremely professional attitude provide the icing on the cake at all Groove Thang shows.


John Mizutani


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