Carol Garcia's new EP "Just A Dream" has just been release Fall 2017
You can buy her new EP here:

Just A Dream on CD Baby

Just A Dream on Amazon

Here is a great original song dedicated to the kids with Rett's Syndrome. It's called Special Someone written by Carol Garcia.

Groove Thang Looking Forward To 2015

Groove Thang is looking forward to a great 2015. We have plenty of new songs to play this year - definitely more 90s through today's Top 40.
We are also working on a Linda Ronstadt project where we will be producing a Linda Ronstadt tribute CD with all proceeds going to the Michael J Fox Foundation. We feel it is an honor to support Linda and all others affected with Parkinson's Disease.

Groove Thang Download Now Available on CD Baby!
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Write You A Letter
Write You A Letter on CD Baby

Write You A Letter
Write You A Letter on Amazon

2nd Saturday at The Artisan Center in Uptown Sacramento
Carol G and The Smooth Groove performed an acoustic show at The Artisan in Sacramento on 2nd Saturday at The Artisan Entertainment Center. The Smooth Groove performed songs from all genres including disco, country, folk and rock all in one night! Carol and John love to perform songs as a duo to help keep it real and down to earth and take a break from the high-energy 7pc dance party show.

Here are some pix:

Disco and Diva Disco and Diva Disco and Diva Diva Disco and Diva Annette and Diva

Los Fiascos Halloween Jam at The Owl Club
Members from The Groove Thang hung out with Los Fiascos at The Owl Club in Old Town Roseville. It was a kickin' costume party with Diva G as the 80's chick and Disco Johnny as The Crow/Joker/80's dude. Los Fiascos kicked tail as usual and also played a few new tunes! The Mickey Beer girls were there too makin the night interesting! Great Costumes, Great Party and Great Time!

Here are some pix:

Disco and Diva Disco, Sabrina and Diva Disco, Johnny Fiasco and Brian Fiasco Johnny Fiasco and Diva Sabrina and Diva Los Fiascos

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